Collaborations & Partnerships

Zagazoo is all about gamifying new ideas and concepts to make the most fun possible learning journey. We are humbled to have met & teamed up with many local and international enterprises to convert different concepts into playful games, activities, or workshops for multiple age groups.

Throughout, we have learned that ideas can take different forms and morph from one medium to the other. Digital can become physical and vice versa.

We are happy to:

  • Customize a new game
  • Develop our existing game/s
  • Create playful workshops
  • Manufacture your game/product (minimum quantity applies)
  • Customize gifts for events/birthdays

If you have an idea and wish to create a game or activity out of it, Zagazoo is happy to help!! Send us on or fill in the contact form and we take it from there!



This interactive - digital workshop was designed in both languages (Arabic and German) to  raise an environmentally friendly generation and to educate teens about sustainability through lots of games and storytelling, inspired by our very own award-winning Save The Turtle puzzle. It is only available to be played on a big scale version of the puzzle in Goethe Library Alexandria.


These locally-looking cards are a  financial game about financial decision making and budget management called "Mali W Malak". Throughout the game, the players compete to complete their own mini-project, while trying to maintain their social status and social life. This game received appealed a lot to various organisations locally and internationally, where we had to make some cultural adaptation to suit the target group, such as  Mobaderoon and Wataneya 
We also teamed up to create a playful workshop about food and healthy nutrition for illiterate women in Upper Egypt and Mansheyet Nasser, Egypt. For this purpose we designed 6 games and activities that aim at encouraging women (who cannot read or write) to become masters of healthy cooking; based on the famous Aflatoun curriculum. The real challenge was to be socially relevant when "gamifying" the content of the curriculum.


We are thrilled to collaborate with your enterprise to produce your game/toy. Together with EFG Hermes, we produced their beautifully designed give-away puzzles for their employees in the region. On different occasions we worked together to create their Ramadan giveaways.
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