If you were a child, you would know that play is what needs to be done all the time & everything else is what uninvitedly interrupts play. This is a child’s rule and there is no way around it!! 

How about learning?

Well, playing comes first as the rule says, therefore learning needs to be through play.                                                                                          

Having this in mind, Zagazoo was created to make the learning journey an exciting and fun ride that fits a child’s world. Zagazoo comes from the sheer belief that any idea or concept in the whole wide world can be  “gamified” and every person (children and grownups) should have access to valuable educational games. 


Let us tell you our story:

We are a sister duo and our career paths never crossed before 2019, when we discovered that we both shared a passion to change the learning journey. 

Education can sound a little boring, how about “Edutainment” then; education with a twist of entertainment?

We joined forces to design and develop games and activities that develop a variety of skills yet are attractive enough to compete with the addictive screen time (we are not talking about the upside of screens, of course). We dream to create toys and games that children would love to carry and play everywhere and anytime (therefore all our games come in pouches or bags!) 

Only because Zagazoo loves what it does, it got featured and won awards for many of its products, like the famous Academics Choice Award (2021) and the prestigious  A'Design Award (2020). Our busy hands will never stop inventing and developing...

And if you are wondering where that name came from: Zagazoo. Our family name is ZAGHLOUL, and ZAGAZOO symbolizes the fusion of different elements and people of all kinds. It's also a really fun word to say; try it




A'Design Award   Academics Choice Award